↳ Taming Those Temper Tantrums (2011)
Due to several unresolved squabbles from the previous year, the start of 2011 proved to be a particularly volatile time for everyone at the studio. Hoping to preserve the peace and prevent any additional damage to studio property, understudy's very own Colin Lee (HR) stepped in to organise an internal anger management workshop entitled ‘Taming Those Temper Tantrums’.
A week before the event, security footage revealed a clearly upset individual ripping the poster to shreds in the break room. Instead of prosecuting the vandal, Colin generously offered the perpetrator a second chance in exchange for a display of sincere repentance. Seeing an opportunity to demonstrate one of the main lessons of his workshop (that one may not always be able to undo their actions), Colin spent an evening after work repairing the torn poster by hand.
In the end, the individual attended the workshop and all was eventually forgiven. Colin returned to his regular duties as Human Resources Director. Till this day, his restored poster hangs on his office door, its numerous creases and tears serving as a constant reminder of the irreversible consequences of unchecked anger.