↳ Bobert Goes to Austraya (2016)
In hopes that the unfamiliar environment would inspire an unconventional photo series, team understudy sent prodigious auteur, Bobert, to the cultural capitals of Australia. Armed with an entry-level DSLR and 1000 AUD, Bobert was tasked with documenting his travels through his uniquely bobertian perspective.
Over the course of several weeks, Bobert submitted a grand total of 38 photos to team understudy. For lack of a better medium, these images (along with their corresponding captions) have been catalogued and published below in the non-chronological order in which they were originally received.
Unfortunately, towards the end of the trip, team understudy lost all contact with the eccentric photographer. With no further instructions from Bobert, the team was unable to proceed and the project was eventually suspended. Below is one of team understudy's final attempts to contact Bobert.